12 Cheap Gift Ideas This Holiday Season

No need to go broke this coming holiday seasons. You can express your gratitude and wish everyone to have happy holidays by giving gifts that will not make you spend way over your budget.

This article presents you with 12 cheap but useful and beautiful gift ideas that you can give to your loved ones and friends over the holidays.

1. Personalized greeting card – there is nothing sweeter than a handmade and personalized greeting card. You can give one to your significant other or to your parents. They will love the gesture and they will be touched for sure.
2. Cute nail stickers – looking for presents for your dearest girl friends? Give them those cute nail stickers. They will adore it!
3. Beanie – give your close friends some really cool beanie that they can wear outside especially in the cold season.
4. Bath towels – everyone is using a towel and who wouldn’t want a new, soft and colorful bath towel? This is a good gift idea for both men and women.
5. Scented candles – some people love candles so much. They use it when they are meditating and before they sleep at night. Find the perfect scent for the person you’re giving this gift too.
6. Bath mats – do you know someone who is very particular about his or her bathroom? Receiving high quality bath mats will definitely make the person happy. Check out some best quality bath mats at Harris Scarfe online to give as gifts to friends. Most items are on sale this month giving you additional opportunity to save money.
7. Personalized mug – mug is pretty common but when you add some personal touch to it, this could be a very endearing gift. Print some encouraging words or perhaps pictures to make the mug not only beautiful but also special.
8. iPhone case – do you have that friend who always have his or her iPhone slipping off of his or her hands, tumbling everywhere? Give that person an iPhone case this holiday season. You’ll do a favor for his phone.
9. Baking kit – people love baking these days, thanks to all those tutorial videos on YouTube and Facebook. And giving some baking kit with various shapes and designs as gift this holiday season is a definite winner!
10. Home-baked cookies and sweet treats –speaking of baking, if you’re the one who loves to bake then use this talent of yours to come up with sweet treats for your friends and wish them Merry Christmas. You can bake cookies, cakes or the popular Christmas fruitcake.
11. Cute tote – there are many cute but cheap tote bags out there. Give this to friends who usually carry around so many things when going out. It is perfect for moms too who always carry baby stuff. A large tote will indeed be very useful for her.
12. Socks – have you seen one of those cute socks with cartoon characters and prints? Both kids and adults will love it! It’s perfect to use when working out in the gym.

Gift giving is so much fun! It is about remembering people and wishing them good things and thanking them for the things they’ve done to you. The price tag of your gift should not matter.

So who are on your Christmas lists? Start shopping now to avoid the holiday rush!

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