Review Policy

If you have a family friendly product for an adult, kid, or baby then we would LOVE to review your product for you!

Review policy:

*I require a full non-returnable product sample, high resolution product photos and anything else I would need to fully review the item.

*Monetary compensation is not required.

*I cannot guarantee a positive review. My reviews are always honest based on our own experience with the product/s. Before posting a negative review I will do my best to contact you about the problem I am experiencing.

*Most reviews will be posted within 4-8 weeks of receiving the product unless it is for an event or otherwise dicussed.

*Each review product must have a minimum retail value of $50.

*If you would like create more buzz about your product and include a giveaway with the review then I am more than happy to oblige but I do ask that giveaway prizes are shipped directly to the winner.

*If you would like a Giveaway/Contest ONLY, then I request a product or service equal to what is being given away. If it is not available for review then a fee will be required do to the time I use away from my family to type up and advertise the giveaway.


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