I’m not perfect… *winners*

A lot of the time I am referred to as “Super Woman” or “Super Mom” so I am writing today to set things straight. I am a Mommy to 5 very adorable children whom I love dearly and would do just about anything for.

However, I am NOT perfect! I have many flaws. There are times when I wonder what in the world I am doing. I am so behind on a lot of things that catching up is such a huge hassle and so I avoid it.

I yell way too much, my house is a disaster, and I have failed miserably at being a partner/mother. I can’t seem to get organized anymore which just adds to the mess. My vacuum doesn’t work so if you can imagine me sweeping the carpets, to keep things out of Princess mouth, that’s what I do….

I hardly ever make my kids eat their veggies, in fact they are quite the picky eaters, so picky that I end up either making 2 meals or just sticking straight to meals I know they will eat. My children do not listen to me, they do not clean and when I made them clean the oldest ran away, when I found him I yelled and told him horrible things could have happened to him. I thought that I was at least teaching them to be open and honest with me but that blew up in my face this week when my oldest lied not once but twice about some really big things. I made him cry, I really made him cry. I threatened him with jail-time because I am a horrible mom.

My 7 year old has emotional problems (he’s been through a lot, mainly because my dumb butt didn’t leave my ex-husband sooner than I did), My 5 year old has some sensory issues, that are hard for me to deal with.My 4 yr old told me he didn’t want to go to pre-school so I let him stay home…for a week. My 2 yr old is in speech therapy AND he broke his nose and I have no idea how he did it, because he still doesn’t talk so much. And finally there is Princess Dot… yes, I have even failed with her! She fell down the stairs this week. If all that doesn’t scream failure then I don’t know what does.

I do try my best to be a patient and loving mother but obviously my best is not good enough and I have these huge trials to overcome. I may not be a Super Mom but I do have some Super Kids that I adore!

So I’m hoping by posting this and being completely honest with you all you will see that I am a very normal person with some major hurdles and problems just like a lot of people.

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  1. Stephanie-jean Life:SemiCrunchy says:

    Ah Jess! See, that is why you are "Super Mom". It is because you are normal, doing what you have to do. Doing what you know is best for your family. Super Moms do feel guilt, it is when you don't care, don't feel guilt that you need to worry. And about your ex… live and learn, you did leave. YOU did what you had to do to protect yourself, to protect those beautiful babies of yours! As long as you can honestly say that you are doing your best, than your best is enough and I know that your children will make great adults thanks to you!

  2. Nancy Marie says:

    There is no such thing as a perfect mother or perfect children. We are all different and so are our children. I have a 10 year old daughter that has hit preteen so hard. She talks back to me and I am lost at what to do. My 9 year old son is a picky eater and if I get on to him about anything you would think I had crushed every dream he ever had. I have two other children who drive me crazy as well. But I love them all so much. I have had others call me Super Mom. The only think super I have done is not drop them off at a safe child have… yet. Just kidding. Hang in there mama. We all have our moments. I blog to release my stress. Believe it or not we will survive.

  3. Brooke Anna says:

    Jessica, I can relate to you on so many levels. I cried while I read this and even shared it with B when he came in from working outside. I too "feel" all the feelings you have expressed above. There are so many times throughout the day my Little Girl screams I'm Not Happy! I don't Love you anymore, just because I asked her to pick up her toys. It hurts to hear that, as a mother. I want you to know you are not alone, and I believe you are a normal mother. You have alot on your plate, and I won't lie. I saw all the awesomeness you did for ABE and always looked at you as SuperWoman/Momma etc. I wished I could be as "great" as you were during that time. Thanks for sharing this with us all, now I know I am just like you, in a way. We are both Mama's :) Much Love, Mommy Does…

  4. Jess, you are an amazing person. No one is perfect, but we all do the best we can.

    Sending you tons of hugs! You know I love ya!

  5. nicolthepickle says:

    Hey girl
    I don't know you, but since it's a post. I feel like I may comment.
    That was a very honest post.
    You can't protect your kids from everything, you just have to help them grow so if it happens again they can deal with it better.

    Everyday is a new day. And don't worry about the small stuff like a messy house. Your family is more important.

    You always want your children to turn to you when they're in trouble (Even when they're older, especially when they're older.). Always love them.

  6. Jess… I can honestly say at least 90% of that has happened in our household too… and MORE! As a mom, we can only do our best.. we should always strive to be the best mom we can be, but never assume we can be Super Mom! There's no such thing!

    Coming from another mom of five, life can be chaotic, but they will also remember the fun they had growing up, who was there when they were sick or depressed, who took them back and forth to their friends, their after school activities, and YES.. to work. LOL Don't beat yourself up.. it happens to the best of us! HUGS!

  7. Baby Making Mama says:

    I'm glad you wrote this. Not because you are "letting people know you're imperfect" no one is perfect. We know that. But for showing that super moms aren't perfect. You ARE a super mom but things can get pretty crazy in a super moms house. That's normal. Show me a mom who has it ALL together and I'll show you a nutbag. Then I'll punch her in the face. Cause no one should be that good at everything AND have a perfect nose. :) love you ma!!

  8. Heidi Jane Blankets says:

    Wow! Thank you SO much!

  9. Little Miss Emmy Lou says:

    I love your honesty… We have all been there. While I love your honesty, you shouldn't beat yourself up so much! We are ALL flawed. All of us… All we can do is to try to improve each day. The grace of God is the thing that gives me hope some days!

  10. SocialStudiesSoubrette says:

    Sounds like you are having a "beat yourself up" day. It happens to the best of us. From what I read you love your kids with all your heart. We all have challenges and we do the best we can with what we have. Maybe even the enemy (the devil) is whispering in your ear and you are under attack. I am praying for you to see what a good Mom you are. In your heart you adore your kids. Your not perfect, your kids aren't perfect and that's okay. Prayers coming your way <3

  11. OH Jess, that does not scream failure, that screams NORMAL! You will be much easier on yourself when your kids are grown and you see how great they turned out BECAUSE you are normal…not perfect. Perfect=crazy! I was so hard on myself when my older kids were young…and now still. But I know that they all come out of it with limbs intact, with caring and a sense of humor and will someday ( sorry, a long way off usually) thank you for it all.
    I can cite a ton of epic fail mom transgressions…like letting my son hold a snapping turtle=BIG mistake, yelling at my daughter to please be quiet and doing Lamaze breathing with her on the way to the hospital when she broke her arm the 3rd day of Kindergarten, and not leaving a VERY abusive husband for years when I thought was best for the kids to remain a "family". (and that story is NOT pretty). We all do this parenting thing "on the fly" because NO ONE has all the answers for our very unique families and children. You still can get a Supermom award cuz you ARE doing a great job!

    Oh…and congratulations to your new winners too!

  12. Queen of the Click says:

    Failures? That's just the "stuff happens" of life.

    No way….you are beautiful woman with five beautiful children.

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