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Finding out you are expecting a bundle of joy is such a momentous experience. There are so many wonders about the new baby that me, as a mom, question– will it be chubby, will it have hair, what color of eyes will it have, etc. but the biggest question that just about everyone asks is….what are you having? Are you having a boy or a girl? Do you know what it is yet?
Most women find out at their “BIG” ultrasound. I have always wanted to find out as soon as possible and pay for a gender ultrasound at around 16 weeks. This time I have decided to let it be a surprise, however there are still little tests and old wives tales that are fun to take and have a guess at what baby will be. One of the newer tests is the IntelliGender! I did the test with Princess Dot, click to see my interesting IntelliGender Results. It was super fun taking the test again this time and I took a little video so you can see the results with me:

IntelliGender’s Gender Prediction Test™ uses first morning urine and a proprietary mix of chemicals which reacts with a combination of hormones to indicate the gender of your baby. It can be performed as early as 10 weeks of pregnancy. It is an easy test to perform and provides quick results in-home so the news can be shared right away.

I was really confused on the results because looking at it from above and with it back towards the wall where the shadow was bouncing off the wall and back onto the test it really looks like boy.
But when you pull it forward and look more at eye level it is more girl.
So I asked the experts and they say: it is very important to read at eye level avoiding any settled sediment. The liquid portion is very golden. I say GIRL.

We will find out if the results are correct in September when baby is born!

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  1. Amanda Starr says:

    With my first I just waited for the ultrasound this baby I’ve just done the ring test which claims a boy (hope it’s right!!!)

  2. just the ultra sound
    Kalsey Harrison recently posted..Bumbo Floor Seat #Giveaway

  3. I looked at how I carried my babies and it was right!

  4. Cassandra Eastman says:

    I didn’t know any tricks but I just knew what I was having and the ultrasound gave me confirmation :)

  5. I’ve looked at all the old wives tales from what I’m craving to how I’m carrying.

  6. Anne Perry says:

    They aso sell baby massage oil

  7. Anne Perry says:

    Chinese gender chart

  8. I don’t have any tricks : ) haha

  9. IntelliCeuticals after baby care has natural ways to help with cradle cap, breast milk flow, etc.. I want to try all of those products!!

  10. my cousin tried the pencil test. so far its been right!

  11. Lauren Foster says:

    I like to check out the Chinese gender chart…. my partner is 7 weeks now and it says boy…. I’d love a chance to try this test!

  12. Jessica B. says:

    I have tried the Gender Predictor online, it says I am having a girl. We’ll see if that is true! It was right with my son. I’d love to try this.

  13. I like to take quizzes online and I look at the heart rate too. So far the heart rate has been correct with both mine. My first was lower and was a boy. The second was a higher rate and was a girl.

  14. Kimberly Schotz says:

    I always heard how you carry says what you will have.

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