My Pregnancy Weeks 4-10

I realize I really haven’t done any pregnancy updates on here even though I have been updating my Facebook and Instagram and even made cute little graphics with how I have been feeling and how baby is growing from week to week. I am now 28.5 weeks pregnant and figure today is as good of day as any to get started on updating you all about my pregnancy!







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All information courteous of Baby Center and the Bump app on my iPhone.


  1. Annette Cumins says:

    I have always been intrigued with how big the baby is each week as they grow inside me. I love how you make it a personal story for the baby about how you are feeling and thinking each week.

  2. Linda Trinklein says:

    I love this!! I want to do the same thing with my next one! I look back on my other two and I wish I had done somthing like it!!!

  3. Michele R says:

    These summaries are such a nice idea!

  4. what a sweet little summary! I love how the size is compared to things. Its amazing to grasp the concept of a human being so tiny!Pregnancy is such an amazing thing.

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