On bedrest…

I know it has been quiet around here lately so I wanted to let you all know that I am having some pregnancy complications and have been put on bed rest. Even having been on bed rest, Thursday I was admitted to the hospital where we spent 6 hours trying to get my contractions under control, thankfully with the help of IV fluids, antibiotics and medicine we did get them to stop and I was able to actually come home. I am finally feeling well enough to actually get to the computer for short periods of time so I will hopefully be able to get some new posts up tomorrow! I am currently 34 weeks pregnant so it is too soon for baby to come which means I am taking it as easy as possible with 5 kids running around, the good news is that Baby6 is growing well! My body just does not want to cooperate completely with keeping him or her inside, I haven’t been able to eat or drink much at all, nothing stays down completely so I have been severely dehydrated and have a bladder infection which is probably the cause of the preterm labor.
I do have some really great giveaways coming up that I can’t wait to share with you so stay tuned! I’ll leave you with this picture of my giant preggo belly! You can watch my belly grow on instagram where I update at least once a week.


  1. I was on bed rest with my daughter due to pre-eclampsia. Trying to avoid it with this pregnancy. My main issue is weight control. Glad you are feeling better and good to know they are able to manage your contractions.
    Diana @ Nanny to Mommy recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – Pregnancy Problems

  2. Sorry to hear that but glad you are feeling better. I have been where you are and its scary but do what the dr says and it will work out!

  3. Richard Hicks says:

    Hope you are feeling better. Don’t overwork yourself!

  4. courtney b says:

    its tough i was put on bed rest too when i was pregnant, the back pain was torture.. hope everything works well for you! im sure it will…

  5. Maybe your insurance company will allow you to hire a home health aid or something or reimburse you for cleaning and childcare while you are on bedrest. Check into it and take care.. Prayers for an easy and happy birth. Congrats.

  6. Take care of yourself and the little one. I am sure it is not easy to stay on bedrest, with the kids to take care off, but I hope you are able to keep the baby in there for a few more weeks.
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  7. Kathy Lane says:

    Take care of your self and the little one.Good luck and I hope everything goes well with you.

  8. Hope you are feeling better!

  9. Sandy VanHoey says:

    awww, so sorry this is all happening to you but take advantage of the bed rest while you can. Your health and the health of the baby is most important.

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