Gus On The Go! Foreign Language Learning App

gus languages

As you know we are a huge techy family and love trying out new apps, especially learning apps. I have always wanted to learn a Foreign Language and would love for my children to at least have basic … [Read more...]

GazziliMath App teaches your preschooler to have fun while learning!


Having pre-school aged children I want to make sure they are learning not only life lessons but the basics to get them ready for school. Math was never a subject I was very good at and now that my … [Read more...]

MudBuddy iPad app


My kids have pretty much taken over my iPad. Between the 5 of them there's hardly any time for me to actually get to use it but it's not really that big of a deal to me because instead of playing … [Read more...]

Clinch – Video Making App


I love taking pictures and videos of my children. I take a ton each day but really don't do anything with them. Occasionally I will post them to instagram or facebook because it takes so much time to … [Read more...]

Finds Shopping App


I love shopping, there are so many adorable and useful products out there that just need to be found and it's definitely a stress reducer for me! I also love finding deals so when I heard about a new … [Read more...]

iTrace iPad app


Being a techy family my kids absolutely love playing on my iPad, in fact I think they may be better than I am at the games and apps we use! I love educational apps that hold my children's attention … [Read more...]

Free Kids Gombby App plus $50 Amazon GC #Giveaway


My youngins are obsessed with playing on my iPhone and iPad they love to read books, watch movies and play games. I think they have more time on the iPad than I do! Since I am a helicopter mom I like … [Read more...]

Shopping with #PayWithIsis


Earlier this month I introduced you to Isis Mobile Wallet app and since then I have been using it for the majority of my purchases! I just love that I don't have to worry about losing my credit card … [Read more...]