Fun Ways to Keep the Kids Learning This Summer


So summer break is in full session and school is out this doesn't mean that your little ones have to stop learning. There are a lot of things that they can learn just from their very own experiences … [Read more...]

Happy 4th of July!


Every year for the 4th we go camping. Yeah our skies are not filled with fireworks but they are filled with beautiful stars and wonderful memories as well as bonding with family. We have a few … [Read more...]

Jurassic World Hat, T-shirt, Backpack and Keychain #Giveaway


I simply cannot wait for Friday! It's pretty much the only thing my kids talk about, we can't wait to go see Jurassic World! We got another super fun Jurassic World package come and that means I have … [Read more...]

#ConquerBedWetting with Pampers UnderJams!


As a mom of 6 we have had our fair share of night time accidents after my children were potty trained. In fact we still have night time accidents with one of my children. Did you know that 15% of … [Read more...]

Game Time in the Garden


As any mum will tell you, spending a few hours in the garden is a perfect way for kids to burn off some energy whilst experiencing the great (and safe) outdoors. There are plenty of garden games to … [Read more...]

Little Tikes Tunnel ‘N Dome and Cook ‘n Play Outdoor BBQ #Giveaway


After having 6 kids there are just some brands that I have learned are better than others. Their products are made to last and some even make it through all 6 kids! Little Tikes is one of those brands … [Read more...]

Start Brushing early with Orajel #smilestones


Before I had children of my own I worked in a facility taking care of special needs people. We took them in for all of their check ups and the dentist had a saying that has stuck with me, "People … [Read more...]

Last minute Easter gift ideas from VTech! #Giveaway


With Easter just 2 days away I have been scrambling on what to get my kids. I hate filling their baskets with candy because then I end up limiting it and before long throwing it away. VTech sent us a … [Read more...]