Explaining Giveaway Winners….

I have been a bit overwhelmed with emails lately asking how the winner process works here at My Silly Monkeys. So I thought I would type up a quick post and hopefully clear some things up. How do I … [Read more...]

Summertime colds?

I thought that since the weather is clearer, the sun is shining, and no more snow that it meant the colds were done until at least September, but boy was I wrong! Princess Dot & I picked up a nasty … [Read more...]

I HATE change….


I think I am a bit OCD, I have huge problems with change, I just do not like it. I also have major issues with things not being organized and not going smoothly. I have been having a hard time … [Read more...]

Your kids needs a hair cut!

Winners at the bottom of this post.My *almost* 6 year old was invited to a birthday party last weekend and he was so excited to go. I am a bit leary at dropping off my child, at this age, for a party … [Read more...]

A Blogtastic Extravaganza, Happy Earth Day, & Winners…Oh My

It has been so busy around here lately it feels like I never get a minute to post. Everything seems so rush rush rushed and it's so hard to find a balance between my family and my blog family. … [Read more...]

A year of Princess Dot

Awhile back I was contacted to do a review and giveaway for Animoto, a super easy way to get your photos and videos onto a DVD for your family and friends to watch. The giveaway will come later but … [Read more...]

Spring Break

Spring Break! AHHHHH this is when all the kids go out have fun, "party", enjoy time off from school, etc.....this is also the time that moms like me get overwhelmed! Having all 5 kiddos home with me … [Read more...]

Beware of Spammers! & *Winners*

It was brought to my attention that a "Kathy" has emailed at least one of you awesome readers with the subject line-- "aden + anais dream blanket #dotbday #giveaway | my silly monkeys" and the email … [Read more...]