If you have a huge family that requires a lot of new clothing every season, you probably are familiar with the headache of how to do it and stay on a budget. But don’t worry. There are some ways to manage all that and still be able to save money! Don’t believe me? Then let’s get to this short list of tips and start changing the way you look at clothing shopping for kids!
Ask for gifts

One of the easiest ways to stay on your budget and still get all the clothing you need is to ask for gifts! If your baby’s birthday is coming up, delicately tell your friends or family members to buy some useful and practical clothing. Instead of toys or something else. It will definitely help you save a lot of money and also will make a perfect gift for a kid! Or you can ask for gift cards if your relatives are short of ideas what kind of clothing suits you well. Just be free to ask and I can guarantee that you will be satisfied after the birthdays are over.

Shop at used clothing stores

Another place where you will be able to equip your loved ones with new (to them) clothing is at used clothing stores. There you will definitely find a huge assortment of various clothing that was worn by others, but still is at the nice quality. And the best part is that it will cost you much less that brand new clothing. You can actually find some items that are brand new, and even have tags on them. But since it is at used clothing stores, prices are twice or even bigger than at department stores. Check out thrift stores, garage sales, Goodwill, Craigslist, and other used clothing stores for kids. You might be surprised at how many new, or gently used, items you can find there.

Use online coupons

Many people tend to agree, that shopping online in general is way cheaper than offline. So you can use it as much as possible and get to use some of the online coupons as well. Moreover, you can use it everywhere you wish for: from big name retailers to the small ones. For instance, even Target’s online coupons from Chameleon John will let you enjoy much smaller prices on children’s apparel. There are, of course, many other brands too. Just know the right places where to look for these online coupons and don’t be afraid to buy in a bulk!

Know your timing

Another important tip that you can use to save money for children’s clothing is knowing your timing when to shop. Usually, the best time to do that is after season’s end. For example, shop for fall wear at winter or for summer clothing at fall. Furthermore, many sales happen before school starts during August. But the real savings begin after school starts, around October or even further into the fall. So if you can put back to school shopping on hold, and also wait a little bit to shop for clothing, in general, definitely wait until the fall.

Quality over quantity

Finally, the best way to dress your kids for long and also save money is to be sure that items you are going to buy are really quality full. It is much better to sometimes invest a little bit more into one piece that can be worn by a few kids and for a year. So just don’t buy poor quality ones and throw it away after the season. Rethink your shopping habits, find a great store where you can be sure to get the right quality, and pamper your kids with some brand new clothing!


  1. When my niece & nephew were growing up the thrift store was my first stop. Found great clothes.

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