Giveaway Rules!

Contest/Giveaway Rules:

All rules and directions for contests/giveaways are specified in each post.

Anyone who does not agree with these rules should not enter the contest.

All winners are drawn randomly either via, Rafflecopter, And The Winner Is, or a draw of the hat.

Most of the time winners are announced on this website but will always be notified by email. If you fail to provide an email address when entering the contest then you will forfeit your prize and another winner will be drawn.

The owner of this blog & sponsors reserve the right to change the terms, conditions, and notices of contests/giveaways offered here at any time without notice. Sponsors may change/switch out the prizes due to quantity on hand.

All contests/giveaways are open to all people over the age of 18. This website does not allow immediate family members to enter the giveaways.

Contests/Giveaways are open to US entries ONLY unless otherwise stated in the giveaway. I do not always remember to ask the companies for rules regarding where the contest is open to so if you have a question on any certain giveaway then please feel free to email me.

This website is not responsible for giving prizes. I also will not, unfortunately, be able to award cash value of prize in case of prize becoming unavailable for any reason.

I will do my best to get your prize to you but cannot be held responsible if you do not receive it, please email me in a timely manner but not before 4 weeks have passed if you do not receive your prize.

Thank you for entering my giveaways and good luck to you!