Happy 4th of July!


Every year for the 4th we go camping. Yeah our skies are not filled with fireworks but they are filled with beautiful stars and wonderful memories as well as bonding with family. We have a few … [Read more...]

Eating Well During Pregnancy: A Few Things Expectant Mothers Should Be Aware of

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Now that you have a bundle of joy growing inside of you, it will be imperative for you to pay close attention to what you eat. This in no way means that you’re to … [Read more...]

Lego Jurassic World Game #Giveaway


My children and I absolutely adore he Lego video games. They are kid friendly, full of action plus allow your child to use their imagination. When we first heard that the Lego games were expanding to … [Read more...]

Jurassic World Hat, T-shirt, Backpack and Keychain #Giveaway


I simply cannot wait for Friday! It's pretty much the only thing my kids talk about, we can't wait to go see Jurassic World! We got another super fun Jurassic World package come and that means I have … [Read more...]

I’m part of #TeamJurassic and I have a #Giveaway for you!


I remember when I was a young girl being fascinated by dinosaurs. When Jurassic Park the movie first hit the big screen I begged my mother to take me to see it. Jurassic Park and the sequels after … [Read more...]

Summer on the go with Toddlers

Now that the kids are out of school and the weather is getting much warmer I am finding we are constantly on the go. We hit the trail every morning for a 3-4 mile walk and then do something fun in the … [Read more...]

#ConquerBedWetting with Pampers UnderJams!


As a mom of 6 we have had our fair share of night time accidents after my children were potty trained. In fact we still have night time accidents with one of my children. Did you know that 15% of … [Read more...]

Saving money with Groupon Coupons


When you have a large family, saving money is essential! With 6 kids and a couple of dogs in the house, we want to make our dollars stretch, but we also like to have fun and purchase great things too! … [Read more...]