#TeamJurassic T-Rex Figure and iTunes GC #Giveaway

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Jurassic World stomped onto Digital HD and we couldn’t have been more excited! This is definitely one of our favorite films of 2015 and a must see if you haven’t already seen it.

To help us get in the dino spirit we received some exclusive #TeamJurassic tees for the entire family!

The #1 movie of the year proves that once again, dinosaurs rule the earth. #‎JurassicWorld is stomping onto Blu-ray and DVD 10/20, and is available on Digital HD 10/1! http://uni.pictures/JWM

The Jurassic World theme park lets guests experience the thrill of witnessing actual dinosaurs, but something ferocious lurks behind the park’s attractions – a genetically modified dinosaur with savage capabilities. When the massive creature escapes, chaos erupts across the island. Now it’s up to Owen (Chris Pratt) and Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) to save the park’s tourists from an all-out prehistoric assault.

Hasbro has come out with some amazing toys from the Jurassic World movie to help make our dino dreams come true and get our imaginations going. My boys want to collect them all but are extremely excited about:


JURASSIC WORLD STOMP & STRIKE TYRANNOSAURUS REX Dinosaur (Ages 4 years & up/Approx. Retail Price: $34.99/Available: Fall 2015) The powerful Tyrannosaurus rex stomps onto the JURASSIC WORLD scene! This ULTIMATE TYRANNOSAURUS REX figure features an intimidating stomping action when kids press down on its body. Push down on its tail and this beast will let out a ferocious roar before its mouth shuts. Requires 2 AA batteries, demo batteries included. Available at most major toy retailers nationwide and on HasbroToyShop.com.


To help get everyone in the dino mood I have a special giveaway for you!

One (1) winner will receive:
· Jurassic World Stomp and Strike Tyrannosaurus Rex Figure courtesy of Hasbro

· iTunes code to download a copy of Jurassic World on Digital HD
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Prize pack value, $54.98
Open to US mailing addresses only
FTC Disclosure: Samples and prizing courtesy of Universal Pictures Home Entertainment and Hasbro


  1. I like the T-rex

  2. Carolyn Daley says:

    My favorite dinosaur is the Brachiosaurus.

  3. i love the tyrannosaurus rex!!

  4. Tara Woods says:

    The Triceratops is my favorite dinosaur.

  5. I like the T-rex

  6. Carl White says:

    Tell me which Dino is your favorite? T-rex.

  7. Another T-Rex fan.
    Thanks for the contest.

  8. Rebecca Peters says:

    I like t-rex

  9. Amanda Whitley says:

    i like the velociraptor.. specifically blue from the movie

  10. Manuel Vallellanes says:

    My favorite dino is the velociraptor.

  11. My favorite has always been the T-rex!

  12. Well, I know that my kids love T-Rex, so I’ll go with the T-Rex too :) Thanks so much for an awesome giveaway! I know my boys would be so stoked if I won. I think I’d save this for Christmas! Thanks again!

  13. Paula Tavernie says:

    My favorite is the Brontosaurous!!

  14. Paula Michele Hafner says:

    We like the Saurolophus.

  15. Ellie Wright says:

    T-Rex is my favorite.

  16. T-Rex always seems the scariesst.

  17. I like T-Rex.

  18. I like the velociraptors – they’re so clever!

  19. Stephanie Liske says:

    We love the Raptors.

  20. susan smoaks says:

    T-Rex is my favorite dinosaur.

  21. The T-Rex is my fave but only because I am not face to face with one!

  22. I am a fan of raptors especially after seeing the movie in theaters.

  23. TRex is my favorite.

  24. Dawn Monroe says:

    I like the brontosaurus and trex.

  25. Jessica To says:

    My son said the pterodactyl is his favorite.

  26. Priscilla S. says:

    The T-Rex is my favorite.

  27. Mary Cloud says:

    I like Brontosaurus

  28. Veliociraptor is my fave

  29. Susan Chester says:

    I like T Rex because he is tough! And scary!

  30. Sonya Morris says:

    My favorite is the brontosaurus.

  31. Lori Walker says:


  32. I like the tiny litte Dino called Mei!

  33. Terra Heck says:

    My fave is the pterodactyl. Thanks.

  34. beth shepherd says:

    My son loves the TRex but I always loved the birds. so huge and scary!

  35. T-rex of course!

  36. Danielle Wood says:

    I like Raptors, especially the ones in the movie

  37. T-REx is my fave!

  38. ron schnell says:

    T-Rex rocks!

  39. Terry Maigi says:

    I like the Stegosaurus!

  40. Melissa M says:

    If you ask my 5 year old it is a spinosaurs.

  41. Tyrannosaurus Rex is our favorite.

  42. amy pugmire says:

    we love the t-rex! :)

  43. Amanda Alvarado says:

    I like the Brontosaurus!

  44. Cassandra Eastman says:

    My son loves the Indominus Rex!

  45. Brittney House says:

    I like the t-rex.

  46. My favorite is the raptor

  47. My favorite is the T-Rex.

  48. D Schmidt says:

    I really like the stegosaurus.

  49. My favorite is the Stegosaurus.

  50. Ann Fantom says:

    My favorite dinosaur is the Pteranodon. Flying dinosaurs are so cool

  51. Stephanie Phelps says:

    I have to say of course TRex lol he is just the coolest!

  52. The Apatosaurus is my favorite!

  53. The kids love the T-Rex.

  54. shelly peterson says:

    I like the T-Rex.

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